What are approvals and roles on the platform & how to change them?

There are five main user roles on the platform; client admin, account user, read only, exchange approver and withdrawal approver – these are all permissions that a client can manage themselves.

  • Client Admin: being able to create payments, exchanges and manage users
  • Exchange Approver: this user will be able to approve an exchange before it is actioned and scheduled
  • Read Only: unable to make any changes, create payments or exchanges and only allowed to view features of the platform
  • Account User: able to create payments and exchanges on the platform
  • Withdrawal Approver: this permission setting will be able to approve a withdrawal before it is actioned and scheduled
  • Manage Users: this enables you to temporarily suspend or reinstate users, modify permissions, and add or delete people

Each of the user roles has different permissions, meaning they can access different parts of the platform. You can also disable email notifications for a particular user if preferable, and they don’t want to be notified via email. The overriding administrator of the account can set up the different permissions or contact support if you are unable to do this and require assistance.

Head to user management to change permissions and view your current status.

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