When will my account be account be approved, rejected or reviewed?

We aim to review your account within 24 hours of your registration.

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Does it cost me to have an account at Freemarket?

We reserve the right to not create a free account on your behalf.

What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

You can reset your password instantly via your desktop account.

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What are the steps to register for an account with you?

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you open a Freemarket account.

How do I set up 2FA on my account?

2FA is an additional layer of security on your account. The function is designed to grant you access once you present two or more pieces of evidence.

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Why was my account rejected?

You may receive an email from us with the reasons why your application was unsuccessful.

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How long does it take to register?

Our registration process can vary per account application; here’s how long it might take.

What kind of documents should I submit for review with compliance?

Here’s a list of documents that are deemed acceptable for review.

Can I make a payment from my Freemarket account?

By having an account with us you are able to make payments from the account inception.

Can I apply for a Freemarket account?

If you’re a corporate entity wanting to access new markets, currencies, and faster settlement times, you can register for an account with us to begin your B2B payments journey.

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