Can I have a vIBAN for cross-border payments?

This details what a vIBAN is and how to create a vIBAN for cross-border payments.

When is the business closed and are you open on public holidays?

When Freemarket is open and closed throughout the year.

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What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

You can reset your password instantly via your desktop account.

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Do you add fees for negative interest rates?

How we deal with negative interest rates.

How much do you charge?

We operate a low fee model on the amount transacted.

B2B Payments Payments
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How does it work?

This is how the Freemarket matching engine works.

How can I change my name and password?

This tells you where to change your name and password on the platform.

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How can I keep safe online?

We use a range of processes and initiatives to keep clients safe online and when they use our service.

How do I spot a fake, fraudulent or phishing email or website?

Phishing can be extremely annoying, here are the best practices in order to spot attempts.

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I am entering the correct OTP but it still says incorrect OTP?

Make sure you enter the latest OTP that you receive when asked.

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