What are your support hours?

Our support team is on hand to deal with queries you might have regarding the platform.

Account Support
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What security procedures will you require when I instruct you to send money from my account?

We take risk as paramount and utilise best-in-class providers to ensure security & using the leading suppliers in the market.

Which types of transaction must be safeguarded?

Any transactions that happen on our platform are deemed as funds we are required to safeguard.

Do you offer multi-currency IBAN accounts?

We offer you to have a multi-currency account so you can hold, send or receive funds in a number of currencies.

Account Payments
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Where can I view my SSI's on the platform?

You can view all of your account details on the platform.

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Can I have confidence in your safeguarding processes?

Yes, we are audited every year to ensure we have the correct systems and controls in place.

How to download account balances from the platform

Downloading your account information and transaction history is an easy thing to do. From the platform, you're able to download or view a specific date range or currency.

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We're available Monday to Friday, 9am to 17:30pm. Contact us by email on support@wearefreemarket.com or phone 0203 393 2709.

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