How does Freemarket safeguard my money?

Freemarket holds clients’ money in safeguarding accounts with its banking partners. These funds are held separately from Freemarket’s own operational funds and working capital. Freemarket’s banking partners are required to warranty that the safeguarded funds will not be used to satisfy or offset any other obligation including those obligations imposed on Freemarket itself. This means that the funds can only be used to make payment for the underlying Payment Services User. If that instruction is unable to be complied with, Freemarket must return the funds to the original source.

Freemarket does not maintain a safeguarding account for each individual client. Rather, Freemarket holds pooled accounts in the name of “FreemarketFX Ltd Client Accounts” in each currency for the purpose of providing payment services.

Individual clients’ funds in safeguarding accounts are identified through your Freemarket virtual payment account number and/or virtual reference number. These records are used to reconcile credit, debit and balance transactions each day such that (i) the recorded positions individually show what amount of the total balances held is attributable to you; and (ii) the individual amounts recorded in virtual accounts add-up to the total balance held in the real account. Freemarket also moves fees and charges out of the safeguarding account to its own account as it is required to do so at least daily.

Freemarket’s banking partners are credit institutions authorised in the UK and in the European Economic Area.

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