How can I add funds to my account?

The scheduled exchange allows us at Freemarket to operate a pre-funded model as this is how we are able to achieve mid-market rates and match funds for our clients. The pre-funded model means that all of clients that use the system must transfer the required funds in their entirety prior to the payment order occurring.

The platform allows you to transfer funds before or after booking a payment order with us, although we suggest that you do this beforehand, particularly if you have a sell payment order set up to happen with us. Please bear in mind that we will not proceed with the payment order until we have receipt of all the funds being on the account, once we receive the funds, we will execute the order.

If you require to make a transfer, you can do this on our platform by going to the add funds section on the top of the page by the main menu. From the add funds page, select the currency of the funds you wish to exchange, and the relevant bank details will appear. Once confirmed, you’ll receive an email confirmation once the funds have reached your account and are able to be allocated.

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