How can I use the withdrawal approval function?

Using the "Withdrawal Approval Function," designated users can approve withdrawal requests made by "regular" users. Every time a withdrawal instruction needs approval, users having "Withdrawer Approver" access will be notified by email. Although the "Withdrawal Approval Function" is by default disabled, you may turn it on and off on the platform as desired for your ease.

Please be aware that, if the function is enabled, solely administrators and withdrawal approvers may authorise withdrawals.

The process is as follows: following implementation, any withdrawal instruction created (other than by a withdrawal approver) will show up in the "Transactions" tab with a "Approval pending" status. A withdrawal is automatically accepted if it is initiated by a withdrawal approver. The account's withdrawal approver(s) will then get an email containing the withdrawal's information and a link to confirm it. The "Approve" button may be found underneath the withdrawal status on the transactions page (you might need to login in to access this page). Our payment systems will produce the withdrawal as soon as the withdrawal approver chooses "Approve" to continue.

User Interface: The functionality in account settings allows you to turn on or off the workflow for withdrawal approval. If the "on" button is blanked out, you do not have the necessary rights to turn this feature on. By default, only the user who created the account will have access to these rights. However, this may be changed by getting in touch with your Relationship Manager and asking them to provide permissions to additional users.

Withdrawal approval

Click "on" to start the workflow. You must choose one or more users to have the "withdrawal approver" role by using the search bar on the overlay that will display. Once the users have been identified and assigned, click "confirm," and a notification confirming the activation of the new approvers should appear at the top right of the page.

Withdraw approval

Note: by selecting "Change Approved Users" from the account settings menu, you may change and update withdrawal approvers at any time.

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