How to download account balances from the platform

Downloading your currency balances is an easy and simple process.

For each currency that you have access to, if you head to the Balances tab it will show the transaction history from the account in its entirety. The overview will display the beneficiary, incoming transactions, outgoing transactions, and overall balance of the currency.

SS - Balance Download

From this viewpoint, you’ll be able to see the history for the currency – which can be located in the lefthand side of the screen – and you can toggle the side panel in order to select which currency you want to view.

Exporting the data from the platform is an easy task and you can do this in a matter of seconds. The platform by default will export the entire transaction history in your selected format. By clicking on green calendar icon (that is situated next to date), you are able to select a date range to view or export. Once, you have the currency and timeframe selected you can export the data in PDF or XLS format (as highlighted).

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