What are the steps to register for an account with you?

Our registration process is straightforward, and we endeavour to complete all applications as soon as possible. Your account with us becomes active once we have concluded all required compliance checks, which we will notify you about.

In order to complete certain checks, we may first ask you for some basic information. You must provide information about the business you are applying for an account with in order to create an account. When registering for an account, it would be simpler and easier if you have all the information in one area since this would make the application process go more smoothly.

To expedite the process, we've given you the option and availability to search for registered firms. To activate this service, type two characters then it will appear. If you are fully regulated, submit your personal information together with any supporting documents so that our systems can cross-reference it. Please be aware that for our compliance department to complete your application, you must provide and submit supporting evidence proving your proof of affordability at this stage.

You must then finish the "transaction profile" next. This aids our compliance team in understanding the nature and regularity of your company transactions for the purposes of KYC. Your assigned Relationship Manager is also given access to these insights, which enables them to provide you with the best possible support.

After completing the transaction profile, you will be prompted to provide the primary account user's personal information (this could be you or another individual at the company).

The next question will ask you to verify that you're the sole director of the company you are registering on behalf of, an authorised agent or employee, or a company director. If the director information you give does not match what is stated in the company's legal documents, the registration may be delayed, and your account may potentially be refused.

You must provide all the information about business owners or individuals who hold a controlling stake in the company in the section that follows. Please make sure that the information is accurate because you can add numerous owners or persons with control.

After providing the essential account information, you will be asked to submit additional documentation so that we can confirm your identity for AML and KYC purposes. Please be advised that expired or invalid forms of identification will be rejected, and your account won't be created until the proper documentation has been provided. The full passport number (with the chevrons) or the licence ID on the driver's licence must be uploaded after an image of your passport or driver's licence.

After you have accepted our terms and conditions and verified that the information you have supplied is accurate, you are complete. Your browser will send you to a confirmation page that includes our contact information in case you need to get in touch with us. If there are any problems or if we need further information, a Relationship Manager will reach out to you.

You will receive an email notifying you that your account has been created once our requirements have been satisfied and all required documentation has been submitted. At that point, you may begin to make instant payments.

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