When will my account be account be approved, rejected or reviewed?

When you complete the registration process, the platform should display a notice informing you that your account has been successfully established and is now being assessed by our compliance team.

Although we make every attempt to render the registration process as simple as possible, it may take up to 60 days before your Freemarket account is completely operational and you are able to utilise us for payment services.

It costs nothing to open an account with us, but we reserve the right to do so in accordance with our terms and conditions, with a 60-day notice period for consumers and 30 days for businesses.

After registering, your account should be evaluated within 48 hours, however, occasionally it may take longer since our compliance staff is still examining your application. You will be informed by a Relationship Manager when your account is ready for B2B payments & currency exchange and if we require any additional documentation from you.

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