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What is a foreign exchange spot transaction?

A foreign exchange spot transaction (or spot trade) is an agreement to buy/sell a particular currency pairing at the current market rate.

What is a scheduled exchange?

All of our scheduled exchanges are required to be pre-funded in order to achieve the mid-market rate.

What is Freemarket's risk appetite?

What type & level of risk Freemarket is willing to undertake and where do we prohibit payments.

What is One Time Password (OTP)?

We use OTP at Freemarket for an added layer of security.

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What is the difference between local and international transfers?

We've broken down the difference between local and international payments.

What kind of documents should I submit for review with compliance?

Here’s a list of documents that are deemed acceptable for review.

What kind of payments can I make?

There are a number of different payment schemes and types of payments that you can make.

What security procedures will you require when I instruct you to send money from my account?

We take risk as paramount and utilise best-in-class providers to ensure security & using the leading suppliers in the market.

What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

You can reset your password instantly via your desktop account.

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When is the business closed and are you open on public holidays?

When Freemarket is open and closed throughout the year.

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