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How can I change my name and password?

This tells you where to change your name and password on the platform.

Account Security
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How can I conduct a batch payment?

The batch payments functionality is available to clients at no additional cost.

How can I fill out an application to create an account on another company's behalf?

You can submit applications on behalf of another organisation, easily and securely via our online portal.

How can I keep safe online?

We use a range of processes and initiatives to keep clients safe online and when they use our service.

How can I make a withdrawal from my account?

This details how to make a withdrawal from your Freemarket account.

Currency Withdrawal
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How can I use the withdrawal approval function?

How to use the withdrawal approval function on your Freemarket account.

How can I view transactions on the platform?

Under the transactions tab on the platform, you’re able to view all scheduled and historic transactions.

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How can I withdraw the balance from my account?

Withdrawing the remaining balance from your Freemarket account is easy & simple.

How do I close my account?

You can stop using our services whenever you feel like, we’ll be sorry to see you go. Here's how to close your account.

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