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Can I turn off notifications?

All clients are set to receive notifications, but we can change this for you.

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Do you add fees for negative interest rates?

How we deal with negative interest rates.

B2B Payments Currency Exchange
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Do you have a customer complaints procedure in place?

On occasions, our service is not up to our high standards, if the case, here’s how to complain and the process we have in place.

Do you make payments to third parties?

In order to control the distribution of funds on the account we ensure that each beneficiary is checked and authorised before use.

Do you offer multi-currency IBAN accounts?

We offer you to have a multi-currency account so you can hold, send or receive funds in a number of currencies.

Account Payments
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Does it cost me to have an account at Freemarket?

We reserve the right to not create a free account on your behalf.

Does the platform allow to settle funds globally?

As a global business, we have access to a range of payment schemes and can settle funds around the world.

Have you reconciled the funds that I sent to my Freemarket account?

We reconcile all funds that are sent for you, but sometimes that isn't the case, here's why.

How are Freemarket regulated?

We adhere to strict regulations to ensure we provide best-in-class services.

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How can I add funds to my account?

This details how to add funds to your account.

Funds Transfers
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