How do I spot a fake, fraudulent or phishing email or website?

Phishing can be extremely annoying, here are the best practices in order to spot attempts.

Account Security
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I am entering the correct OTP but it still says incorrect OTP?

Make sure you enter the latest OTP that you receive when asked.

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What is One Time Password (OTP)?

We use OTP at Freemarket for an added layer of security.

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What are your support hours?

Our support team is on hand to deal with queries you might have regarding the platform.

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Which types of transaction must be safeguarded?

Any transactions that happen on our platform are deemed as funds we are required to safeguard.

Can I have confidence in your safeguarding processes?

Yes, we are audited every year to ensure we have the correct systems and controls in place.

Can I remove a beneficiary?

You are able to suspend a beneficiary, however, all pending and subsequent withdrawals to that beneficiary will be canceled.

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