What are the withdrawal transaction charges?

When making withdrawals from the platform you’ll be presented with OUR & SHA costs.

How can I conduct a batch payment?

The batch payments functionality is available to clients at no additional cost.

Do you make payments to third parties?

In order to control the distribution of funds on the account we ensure that each beneficiary is checked and authorised before use.

How can I use the withdrawal approval function?

How to use the withdrawal approval function on your Freemarket account.

How can I make a withdrawal from my account?

This details how to make a withdrawal from your Freemarket account.

Currency Withdrawal
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Why was my withdrawal cancelled?

Reasons why your withdrawal was cancelled.

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How can I withdraw the balance from my account?

Withdrawing the remaining balance from your Freemarket account is easy & simple.

Which types of transaction must be safeguarded?

Any transactions that happen on our platform are deemed as funds we are required to safeguard.

Can I remove a beneficiary?

You are able to suspend a beneficiary, however, all pending and subsequent withdrawals to that beneficiary will be canceled.

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