Can I get a MT103?

An MT103 is available to you at an additional fee.

How can I add funds to my account?

This details how to add funds to your account.

Funds Transfers
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Where do I transfer funds?

In order to allocate the funds successfully you can find the correct information on how we allocate transferred funds here.

Exchange Funds
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Have you reconciled the funds that I sent to my Freemarket account?

We reconcile all funds that are sent for you, but sometimes that isn't the case, here's why.

Can I make a one time batch payment?

Yes, you can create individual batch payments on the platform.

What is the difference between local and international transfers?

We've broken down the difference between local and international payments.

What security procedures will you require when I instruct you to send money from my account?

We take risk as paramount and utilise best-in-class providers to ensure security & using the leading suppliers in the market.

Which types of transaction must be safeguarded?

Any transactions that happen on our platform are deemed as funds we are required to safeguard.

Can I remove a beneficiary?

You are able to suspend a beneficiary, however, all pending and subsequent withdrawals to that beneficiary will be canceled.

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