How can I use the withdrawal approval function?

How to use the withdrawal approval function on your Freemarket account.

How can I conduct a batch payment?

The batch payments functionality is available to clients at no additional cost.

What are your unsupported jurisdictions?

A list of countries where we prohibit payments.

How much do you charge?

We operate a low fee model on the amount transacted.

B2B Payments Payments
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Do you offer multi-currency IBAN accounts?

We offer you to have a multi-currency account so you can hold, send or receive funds in a number of currencies.

Account Payments
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Can I make a payment from my Freemarket account?

By having an account with us you are able to make payments from the account inception.

What kind of payments can I make?

There are a number of different payment schemes and types of payments that you can make.

Do you make payments to third parties?

In order to control the distribution of funds on the account we ensure that each beneficiary is checked and authorised before use.

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