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Can I apply for a Freemarket account?

If you’re a corporate entity wanting to access new markets, currencies, and faster settlement times, you can register for an account with us to begin your B2B payments journey.

Can I cancel an order once it has been created?

Our article provides you with all the information to cancel a transaction.

Can I get a MT103?

An MT103 is available to you at an additional fee.

Can I have a vIBAN for cross-border payments?

This details what a vIBAN is and how to create a vIBAN for cross-border payments.

Can I have confidence in your safeguarding processes?

Yes, we are audited every year to ensure we have the correct systems and controls in place.

Can I make a one time batch payment?

Yes, you can create individual batch payments on the platform.

Can I make a payment from my Freemarket account?

By having an account with us you are able to make payments from the account inception.

Can I register multiple accounts for one user?

Yes, you can. We designed Freemarket with the intention of onboarding multiple accounts per user.

Can I remove a beneficiary?

You are able to suspend a beneficiary, however, all pending and subsequent withdrawals to that beneficiary will be canceled.

Can I transfer between two accounts held at Freemarket?

We encourage our clients to onboard their underlying clients and be part of our ecosystem.

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