What are the withdrawal transaction charges?

When making withdrawals from the platform you’ll be presented with OUR & SHA costs.

Why hasn't the beneficiary received the funds?

This details why the funds are being held and haven't reached the beneficiary yet.

How can I conduct a batch payment?

The batch payments functionality is available to clients at no additional cost.

How can I use the withdrawal approval function?

How to use the withdrawal approval function on your Freemarket account.

Can I cancel an order once it has been created?

Our article provides you with all the information to cancel a transaction.

How can I make a withdrawal from my account?

This details how to make a withdrawal from your Freemarket account.

Currency Withdrawal
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Why was my withdrawal cancelled?

Reasons why your withdrawal was cancelled.

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How can I withdraw the balance from my account?

Withdrawing the remaining balance from your Freemarket account is easy & simple.

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